Karlsruhe/Berlin.  Digitalisation and the ubiquitous availability of images have resulted in a new golden age for photogrammetry! The driving force behind the processes is science, while the one behind the associated applications is business – because images are now being evaluated digitally in an automated process with the utmost precision at up to real-time speeds. What’s more, they are generated by sensors located in everything from cars and drones to aircraft and satellites. The amazing undreamt of developments this is setting in motion will be on show at INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin and the INTERGEO conference.
“Photogrammetry is ahead of its time because everything is already fully digital in this discipline,” underlines Heinz-Jürgen Przybilla, Professor of Geodesy at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. The art of using photographs for surveying, which laid the foundation for present-day photogrammetry, dates back 150 years and involves developing processes to derive information from images that go far beyond simply viewing them. In recent years in particular, the discipline has made such progress that businesses are discovering more and more areas of application.

A large number of companies will also be showcasing their image evaluation solutions at INTERGEO’s specialist exhibition.

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