Topcon & Ammann als Technologiepartner im Straßenbau

Beim SmartSite-Forschungsprojekt wurden 2016 die Grundlagen für eine dynamische, reaktive Bauprozesssteuerung gelegt. Jetzt führten Topcon und Ammann mit ihren Partnern auf der Verbindungsstraße zwischen Bad Boll und Bezgenriet die optimierte Fahrbahnsanierung erstmals unter realen Bedingungen durch. Der baden-württembergische Verkehrsminister Winfried Hermann überzeugte sich vor Ort von der Qualität und formulierte als Ziel, dass ab 2018 […]

“The New York Times about Volocopter

Intergeo TV recently made an Opinion Leader Talk with Volocopter´s Co-Founder Alexander Zosel. You can follow that here on IG TV´s Plattform under “Opinion Leader Talks”. Our main topic was the deal Volocopter Firm, a startup from Bruchsal, Germany, made with the Government of Dubai. Now “The New York Times” also reported about the young […]

Europe’s largest drone show is part of Intergeo

Berlin/Karlsruhe, July 2017. From 26 to 28 September 2017, the international UAV sector will be demonstrating its potential at INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS in Berlin. Europe’s largest drone show will form part of INTERGEO, the world’s leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. IASEXPO has the clear aspiration of becoming established as the number one […]

SmartEnCity with 35 partners

SmartEnCity is a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Under the coordination of Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation, 35 partners from 6 countries are working on making Smart Zero Carbon Cities a reality in Europe. SmartEnCity’s main objective is to develop a highly adaptable and replicable systemic approach towards […]


 Karlsruhe/Berlin.  Digitalisation and the ubiquitous availability of images have resulted in a new golden age for photogrammetry! The driving force behind the processes is science, while the one behind the associated applications is business – because images are now being evaluated digitally in an automated process with the utmost precision at up to real-time speeds. […]

BIM to become standard?

BIM to become the standard construction method. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is paving the way. The words “major construction projects” are enough to make informed members of the public wince. The Elbe Philharmonic and the new airport in Berlin are two of the most prominent recent construction flops that come to […]

IAS will be at Intergeo 2017

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS/INTERGEO is the largest communications forum and trade fair in Germany for professional drone applications. From 26 to 28 September at Berlin Messe! INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (IAS) was a big success in Hamburg at the Intergeo last year. So this autumn in Berlin this special topic will be again in the center of interest at Intergeo 2018 at Berlin Messe. […]